Fools base their thoughts on foolish assumptions, so their conclusions will be wicked madness.

Ecclesiastes 10:13 NLT

I’ve had two conversations about assumptions one day apart this week, and it’s been a real eye opener for me.

The first was based off what someone felt, and the second based off what someone else had said.

With the first convo, a gentleman thought that he had offended me when he had kindly helped me carry something down the stairs, and assumed that I was annoyed of some sort when he handed the item back to me. Despite me not showing any sign of annoyance, he was apologizing for something that wasn’t even there!

The second convo was in fact a three-way conversation in person, and based off something I was asked by one of the two people, the third person made an assumption of how they felt I may have felt towards them.

What I’ve learnt and taken not only from this week, but past situations is that you should not make assumptions without facts.

Based off these two different scenarios, they would have both felt that there was an issue when their wasn’t an issue at all.

Another thing I’ve learnt is people will always assume what they want, as long as it suits them.

Why make the assumption? Why not just ask? Because the individual chooses to believe what has been said, and it’s sad as this has happened to me with family, and friends, but if they were your real family member/friend, they would know to ask and choose not to assume.