Welcome to my world and my words.

It’s Tuesday, 2nd January 2018!

I can’t believe how quick 2017 flew by… but I’m also not complaining as I lived and enjoyed each day to its fullest.

2018 is an exciting year for me! I hate to be one of those people that makes these types of statements, and then doesn’t follow by explaining why, but trust me, my plan is to write/blog more and through this you will learn more about my journey, and all that I have planned for 2018!

As I write this with heavy eyes and a hungry belly, I await my Uber eats order which took every bit of me to go through. The delivery was a fiver (translation: $5 in North American terms) and tax and all that, that brought one $17 meal to $25! Maybe I am my fathers daughter (tight) but I am not one to order in a lot, so this for me was painful.

My excuse is getting back from an amazing 12 days in NYC today with a slightly delayed flight, and going into work with my luggage in-tow!

This is going to be a busy, and possibly  trying year, but I am ready for whatever 2018 has to bring, I think I have had 2 years of warming up, now its time for me to start the race… For those that know, know!

Wishing you all nothing but greatness for 2018.

Let us commence.


One thought on “Two Thousand and Greateen!

  1. Shalene says:

    Oooooo, I can’t wait!

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