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Valentines Day. It’s a day that you either love or hate. Whether in a relationship or not, it can be so stressful because of such high expectations that one feels need to be met each year.

Today felt like a normal day to me, I woke up, did some reading, research and then went off to work (yes on a Saturday!)

It didn’t even feel like Valentines day to me walking the streets of central London! When I got into work the presenter had brought in heart shaped candy which served as a reminder to me of what day it is, as well as the theme of her show!

I am single and feel that this day is totally overrated. But do I feel like this only because I am currently single, or is this just my truth? A slight piece of me cringes when I see a post or reference made to V-Day, but at the same time in my eyes I would want V-Day to feel like at least once a month in my world. If I were in a relationship on this day I’d prefer to spend time with my other half, have a lovely home cooked meal made with love and to  just relax and watch a movie, something simple.

How do you top going to The Shard, The Ivy or flights all around the world?! I feel that Valentines day is a marketing ploy that a lot of us feel that we have to buy in to. Let’s go back to basics and remember what being together is all about.

Try not to allow this one day to make you feel stressed or even question your worth or relationship. Allow Valentines day to be everyday and when the actual V-Day comes around, you won’t even notice!

Signed with Love,


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