Welcome to my world and my words.

It is so easy to forget how far we have come. We look back to the past of hurts and bad choices but we do not look forward enough to our goals and visions and what we work so hard for.

This week has been a week where I have had to do a lot of thinking and to pick myself up as I was being dragged backwards. This was tough for me as I am generally a happy person who appreciates life and do not take anything for granted.

I thought it would be good for me to remind myself and for others what to be thankful for and to remember how far we have come in life.

As I write down my acheivements I suggest you do it too when your feeling a little down in the dumps.

  • my degree
  • my work ethic
  • my culinary and baking skills are off the chain!
  • Weightloss as I have lost 4 stone in the past 3 years and kept it off and still going strong *fist pumps*
  • my job and always being able to get work
  • for 6 years at a major corporation and still enjoying every minute of it
  • for traveling to America and having the most amazing life changing experience
  • for being well travelled and seeing so many different countries with more to come!
  • For being good with my finances
  • For having a goal and setting my mind to it and always achieving even if it does take a little longer than expected.

Wow! I feel better already when I look at how far I have come and knowing that there are still places I have to go literally and figuratuvelly speaking.

Love yourself and give yourself a pat on the back, don’t beat yourself up, just move on and do what makes you happy.

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